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Cambee HL Pro is brand-new and one of the most technologically advanced lights on the market. The wideband spectrum replicates the infrared power of the sun. It is a full-spectrum white light that also contains deep red light (IR). It penetrates deeper below the canopy and leads to much higher yields. 

The unique optics configure each side of HL pro into a rectangle and that from 2 of these lights into a perfect square. This leads to a much more even distribution that doesn't suffer from the huge drop-off in light in the corners of the coverage area that plagues other lights. It also allows you to hang the light much closer to your plants, without burning them.

The powerful HL PRO LED grow light optimizes plant growth at all stages, from seedling to vegetative growth. Suitable for large indoor grow space, the full spectrum HL PRO meets all demands of growers looking for a natural light spectrum, while consuming less energy and reducing operating costs.


High Efficiency: Full spectrum with 660nm deep red and 730nm infrared. With a total output of 2496 μmol/s and a wattage draw of 960 watts, the HL PRO has a 2.6 μmol/J system efficacy So, you save more than 40% on electricity costs compared to HID. Additionally, lower heat output cuts cooling requirements by up to 40%. This light also shortens the flowering cycle by 3-4 days compared to a standard 3000K Spectrum, or 12-15 days compared to HPS Lighting.

Provides Full Control: The dimming function lets you adjust the light output from 100% to 0% when plants don’t need the full power, cutting down on your electricity costs. 

Even Light Distribution: Because of the large 6-bar design size, the light from the fixture travels evenly across the grow space, without losing intensity. 

3-Year Warranty: Rugged, waterproof housing makes it ideal for use in wet and humid environments.  Backed with a 3-year warranty.

APP and Controller Available: A dedicated light controller with iOS and Android App is available, 1 Controller can control up to 200 pcs HL Pro - 960 light with RJ14 cable

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