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Zeapon Micro 2 Camera Slider Fluid Damping Technology

The ZEAPON Micro 2 Rail Slider has a length by 13'' (33cm) which can travel 21'' (54cm) distance. It realizes film-grade performance breakthroughs in both motion control and precision control with fluid damping technology previously unheard of in the industry. 


  1. Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy, come with a carry bag

  2. Fluid Damping Technology for Consistency speed

  3. Payload up to 8kg/18lbs

  4. Travel distance 54cm/21in

  5. Easy carry in a backpack

  6. Self-locking design

  7. Automatic dust scraper

  8. Built-in 3/8" thread hole with 1/4"- 3/8" adapter

  9. Built-in 36 Polymer pulleys bearings

  10. High-Strength Fiber-Reinforced Industrial vibration-damping pulley belt

  11. Three unique screws are designed to screw into the slot on the quick-mount plate to fix the rail slider and the quick-mount plate.

  12. Easy switching for multiple scenes: Pod Mode, Double Pan-tilt Mode, and Floor Mode. (with Easy lock), Single head mode and two heads mode


EasyLock 2 Profile Mount, with Arca-Type Compatible Quick Release Plate 

The ZEAPON Easylock 2 realizes film-grade performance breakthroughs in switching high and low angles shooting quickly with the Arca-Type compatible Quick Release Plate and 4 foldable legs, makes the Easylock 2 a prefect mate for low profile shooting


  1. Come with Ball Head with Independent 360° Rotation, Knobs Lock for Pan, Tilt & Tension

  2. 4 Foldable Legs, Easy Lock Screw, and 1 Hidden Wrench

  3. Removable Positioning Bean, Perfect Bundle with Camera Slider Micro 2

  4. 1/4"-20 Mount and 1/4"-3/8" Screw Adapter

  5. Arca-Type Compatible Quick Release Plate

  6. Max. Payload of 15kg/33lbs